Water Tower Cleaning in New Jersey

New Jersey Water Tower Cleaning

New Jersey Deck CleaningIf you are looking for water tower service in New Jersey, call our experts at Under Pressure H20. We have been in the pressure washing industry for 10 years.

Our experienced technicians know the techniques to use on various surfaces including painted or steel water towers. Our integrity, our will to please our customers, and our commitment to providing good quality work have contributed to our success.

Over time, the surfaces of a water tower can accumulate dirt, grime, mildew, and rust. These problems contribute to the degradation of the paint, concrete, or steel. The problem will only get worse until all the issues are solved. Our pressure washing service is just what you need for cleaning your water tower or tank.

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Exterior Water Tower Cleaning

Mildew is a common problem on water tower and water storage tank exteriors. Rust is another common problem. Not only are these stains unsightly, they are not good for the structure. Plus, wherever mildew or mold takes hold, it's only a matter of time before it spreads and stains the water tower extensively. Mold and mildew are no laughing matter for health reasons too, especially near a public or private water supply.

Our New Jersey pressure washing technicians will thoroughly clean your water tank or tower from top to bottom. We have the ability to remove the mold, mildew, and rust stains for a superior clean.

To clean your water tower or tank, we use a 100% biodegradable solution followed by a complete disinfection after the pressure washing is done. We can reclaim the wash water if needed. We use only environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and use a softwashing technique whenever the service and structure require it. Higher pressure may be the right method, so we always assess the situation. Your New Jersey water tower will be in good hands with Under Pressure H20!

Water Tower Draining, Debris Removal & More

The inside of the water tower needs to be cleaned out from time to time to remove the debris. There will be build up of debris and sediments on the floor of the water storage tower or tank. Bacteria, viruses, and protozoa love this environment! It is important to keep up with regular water tower maintenance to keep these issues from getting a foothold in the water system. By ensuring the tank is clean, you will reduce the risk of water system contamination.

Under Pressure H20 uses the traditional draining method which is much more cost-effective than using divers. One of the reasons we've been successful with pressure washing is that we use the tried and true methods. Cleaning water towers should be safe, efficient, effective, and quick. And that's just the type of service we provide.

Our methods are compliant with laws and regulations that are required in New Jersey. We take care to ensure that our employees are fully trained for safety, equipment usage, and high altitude pressure washing.

Water Tower Wash Water Recovery Is Available

Under Pressure H20 can reclaim the wash water used to clean your water tower or water tank. There are certain situations where water reclamation is required and then there are those businesses, associations, and private individuals who prefer to be environmentally friendly. For whatever the reason, we have the vacuum water reclaim equipment and experience necessary to provide service for anyone. You can count on us to meet the EPA's recommended practices regarding wash water control and recovery.

Water recovery isn't something that any pressure washing company can do. At Under Pressure H20, we strive to provide full services to meet our customer's needs. This is why we have invested in the equipment and continual training for our pressure washing technicians. We like to invest in our customers like they invest in us.

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