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New Jersey Surface CleaningUnder Pressure H2O is the expert when it comes to exterior surface cleaning in New Jersey. Our company knows the right technique and combination of cleaning solutions to transform your property so that it is clean and looks as good as new - just from the power of softwashing!

Softwashing your exterior surfaces is a great investment, whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. Clean exterior surfaces look great and improve curb appeal, and softwashing is a cost-effective way to get these areas of your property clean. Just to make sure your even more assured we are fully insured! We carry 2 million in liability and full workman's comp on all of our employees, hows that for piece of mind?

Under Pressure H20 not only offers softwashing, but we also offer pressure washing for flat concrete, concrete pavers etc. Both techniques are great solutions and will leave your New Jersey home or business looking brand new every time.

New Jersey House Washing & Improved Curb Appeal

Over time, your home's exterior siding, patio, pool deck, driveway, fence, and other exterior surfaces can become dingy due to the onslaught of season changes, weather, pests and other outside forces in New Jersey. You may even find that your home has accumulated years of grime in just about every nook and cranny of your property! This can really bring down property values as well as just give your home an unattractive and dismal appearance.

Not to fear, however. All you need is the help of our New Jersey surface cleaning experts to restore the beauty of your home's exterior surfaces. From layers of dirt, dust, mildew, pollen and other environmental pollutants, our softwashing experts can give your property's exterior surfaces the deep cleaning they need to sparkle and improve your home's curb appeal!

We have the right solution for all exterior surfaces, ranging from stucco to cedar, pavers to battery-stained concrete driveways. Our surface cleaning solutions are 100% safe for all surfaces. Cedar, stucco, vinyl, wood, windows, concrete, walkways, pavers, composite decking...We clean it all! We even offer rust stain removal services. Everything you need to improve your property's curb appeal, value, and overall look.

Under Pressure H2O's Surface Cleaning Specialties Include:

House Washing

Our softwashing experts provide entire house washing services to give your home a sparkling clean you can be proud to show off! We take special care to address each and every nook and cranny of your home's structure to ensure thorough exterior house cleaning results. Whether the exterior of your home is composed of stucco, cedar shakes, vinyl siding, painted aluminum siding, or something else, you can rely on our New Jersey softwashing specialists to get your home looking as good as new again.

Pool Deck Cleaning

Pool decks have a tendency to get filthy easily due to their location and constant exposure to moisture. At Under Pressure H2O our surface cleaning specialists have the best solutions for your pool deck cleaning needs. Our surface cleaning solutions are 100% safe, too, so you can have peace of mind.

Driveway Cleaning

From driveways stained with rust and battery acid to those that are composed of brick pavers caked with dirt and years of grim, you can rely on our exterior surface cleaning experts to give your driveway the deep clean it needs without damaging the surface. We know exactly what cleaning solutions and what level of pressure is appropriate for different surfaces, and can ensure you get the results you crave for your driveway cleaning needs.

Playground Cleaning

Playgrounds are a place of fun where children laugh and play the day away. But not so much when the swing sets and other structures are covered in filth. What parent wants their child to play on a dirty, bacteria infested playground? At Under Pressure H2O, we address this concern by providing our 100% safe surface cleaning services to playgrounds. We take just as much an interest in protecting your children as you do. If your local playground needs cleaning, be sure to call the experts at Under Pressure H2O for a thorough cleaning of all exterior surfaces. We'll restore the health and enjoyment of your play areas effectively and efficiently using environmentally safe cleaning solutions.

Gas Lane Cleaning

Under Pressure H2O also offers soft cleaning services for gas stations. Gas lanes are notorious for picking up all sorts of grime from gasoline spills to car battery acids to the everyday messes nature and visitors kick up. Ensure your property is clean and safe with routine gas lane cleaning from the softwashing specialists at Under Pressure H2O!

Shopping Cart Cleaning

Shopping carts are touched by hundreds of people each and every day. Aside from the bacteria that can accumulate this way, retail shopping carts that are left outside also tend to accumulate other types of grime, and may even rust. At Under Pressure H2O we have the solution for all your shopping cart cleaning needs! From rust removal to a good old fashioned washing, we can restore the cleanliness of your shopping carts easily. Just give us a call, and we'll provide you with the best solution for your New Jersey shopping cart cleaning needs.

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