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Tips On Softwashing In Wall, NJ

Softwashing Wall NJThere’s no doubt that exterior cleaning can be a cumbersome, difficult, and lengthy process. Stains and grime coat every surface so most people turn to pressure washing.

Siding and roof shingle manufacturers recommend the softwashing technique because it is a safe process that won’t damage the exterior building materials. In fact, the warranties for these materials can be and are often voided because of damage caused by traditional pressure washing.

Traditional high-pressure house washing may get stains out, but it will often damage the materials being cleaned. The water is subjected to extreme amounts of pressure and jetted through the wand to the surface. This high-pressure water blast can cause pitting on wood, concrete, siding, and shingles.

The damage isn’t usually noticeable right away. The weakened material will be exposed to moisture, UV sun rays, and other elements that will break it down even further. Cracking, crumbling, and splitting is common.

Softwashing is a safe, eco-friendly method that is the best options for exterior cleaning.

How Softwashing Differs From Pressure Washing

For tough surfaces, softwashing is often used to clean deep down. Stains can be tough to get out of concrete or off the rooftop, but softwashing can remove them. In contrast to pressure washing, exterior softwashing uses a combination of safe chemical solutions and water under lower pressure to clean the exterior. The technique is customized by the technician to the particular stains to be cleaned.

The technician who performs softwashing goes through training so they understand how to use the technique on any type of surface. Each surface is different in critical ways, so the right treatment needs to be used. Vinyl, brick, asphalt shingles, metal roofing, wood, tile, concrete, and glass will all need to be treated differently.

How Often To Soft Wash Your Exterior

Softwashing lasts just as long as traditional pressure washing. A once a year professional cleaning should be sufficient to keep up with the grime. However, it’s best to let the technician recommend the schedule for you because every home and surface is different.

If you plan to do your own pressure washing, keep in mind that you cannot get the same effective cleaning solutions as a certified professional can. Most people who do pressure washing themselves find out that while things look really good, the job doesn’t last long. It’s not uncommon to see that the work has to be redone every month.

Keep in mind that the techniques you use could damage the exterior materials. Whatever you do, don’t use harsh chemicals on your home’s building materials and don’t use a high-pressure setting on the machine or the surfaces can get damaged.

Also, keep the water away from your body. Not long ago, a colleague told of a fellow who tried to wash the mud off his shoe with the pressure washer but blasted a good amount of skin off his toes. Safety always first.

Softwashing Wall NJ

Softwashing Wall NJ

Softwashing Wall NJ

Softwashing Wall NJ

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