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Reasons why you need New Jersey Roof Cleaning Services

New Jersey Roof CleaningThe roof is one of the most important parts of the house. That is why roof cleaning must be regularly done in order to make sure it remains reliable and in good condition. An effective way of maintaining your roof is to hire a professional New Jersey roof cleaning contractor. With the aid of a professional that uses soft washing techniques, you can get rid any kind of dirt or grime on your roof and make it as clean and good as new.

Residential and commercial roofs are said to be the one of the most difficult surfaces to clean, and it is not recommended to use a pressure washer because this can damage the roof. Roofs are definitely not the safest place to clean with the possibility of falling, too. That and the truth that pressure washing can damage your roof means it is wise to hire a professional New Jersey roof cleaning contractor that utilizes soft wash systems to clean roofs and is insured for all work done as well as covering their employees.  This is the only way to make sure that your roof will be rid of moss and fungus once the washing is done.

Black Algae and moss are the most harmful enemies of your New Jersey roof. They can do very serious damages in the material of your roof and can affect your entire house in a way that you wouldn’t imagine. Fungus and moss strive well on a moist and humid environment. If your house is surrounded by trees or near the lake or a pool and if the town you live in has a warm and humid weather, moss and fungus are sure to spread rapidly. This then will result to the deterioration of your roof’s quality and it will also make your roof look dirty and old.

If a lot of moss and Algae will accumulate in your roof, it will cause your roof to absorb more heat which will be relayed through your house’s ceiling that will in turn increase the room temperature. This may result in higher utility expenses. Also, the spread of fungus and moss may result to health and allergy problems for your family and neighborhood.

Going back to New Jersey roof cleaning and its effects to your roof, the positive outcome definitely outweighs the risk of damaging your roof. This only means that you could not power clean your roof on your own. You need an expert, like Under Pressure H20, who knows exactly what the amount of pressure to apply in different kind of roof surface and roofing system. We are so positive in our performance that we are fully insured for up to 2 million dollars of liability and we carry full workers comp on all our employees.


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