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New Jersey Deck Cleaning Tips

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As your New Jersey deck ages, it will begin to look a weathered gray color. This is due to elements of nature penetrating the wood surface. One of the most important things you can do for a long lasting deck is to have it professional cleaned.

Over time, dust, grime, and moisture will disintegrate the wood if left as is. Leaves and other debris accumulates on the deck and in-between the wood slats. If left on your deck, the wood will root much quicker.

Depending on what type of wood your deck is made of, it can literally last half a century or more if properly maintained. A good maintenance regimen includes hiring a professional deck cleaning contractor to power wash.

Professional New Jersey deck cleaning offers you these benefits:

  • – Weathered Decks Restored to Like-New Appearance
  • – Structure of Wood is Protected
  • – Longer Lasting Deck
  • – Extreme Climate Effects Eliminated
  • – Most Stains Removed Permanently
  • – Algae Stains Removed

Don’t Sand, Have Deck Cleaning Done Instead

A good power washing to clean your deck can bring back an old deck to like-new condition. Instead of sanding, a long and tedious process, the deck can be power washed. The deck should be resealed after the cleaning.

You would be amazed at how effective professional deck cleaning is, and you’ll be impressed with what a difference this maintenance can make on the life of the deck when done just twice per year.

In some areas of the country and some areas where heavy tree growth covers the deck on New Jersey homes, professional cleaning may need to be done more often.

Don’t Use Chemicals On Your Deck, Even For Algae

It’s important that you don’t use chemicals on a wood deck surface. Improper techniques and harsh chemicals will destroy the structure of the wood. Professional deck cleaning protects your asset with safe power washing or soft washing techniques.

Algae growth is a common problem, and many homeowners will use a bleach product to kill it. Instead, let a pro clean your deck the safe way. All the algae will be gone when the job is done.

Ask For Environmentally Friendly Deck Cleaning

The environment is important for everyone. Using a safe, effective deck cleaning solution offers you the best way to contribute to a healthy environment.

Wood is porous, so anything you apply to the deck could eat away the sealant that protects the wood. Then you are left with a deck that is damaged deep down. Soon, the elements of nature will wear it down further.

Environmentally friendly power washing solutions are available for New Jersey deck cleaning. It is a safe and very effective way to have beautiful decks.

More Tips on Deck Cleaning

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