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New Jersey Cedar CleaningCedar Shake roofs are a type of roof that requires a lot of air to remain dry. This will help maintain it as well… Overhanging tree branches and other obstructions can hider the maintenance of Cedar Shake roofs. To  get the most out of your cedar roof hire, New Jersey cedar cleaning professionals. An experienced roofing expert can do all the cleaning for you, and in addition make any recommendations regarding the condition of the roof.

New Jersey professionals use a pressurized machine for their pressure washing service.  The use of pressure washing is meant to remove all kinds of dirt and debris from the surface completely.  For the purpose of cleaning, the New Jersey experts always keep in mind to not use water on the roof. Spraying up the roof can cause leaking into your home. Avoid the usage of commercial strength bleach as it can ruin Cedar Shake roofs. They make use of oxygen bleach as it is environmentally safe and cleans the surface with no problems.

Cedar Shake roofs are known to collect moss. Experts use zinc & copper to control the moss that build on these roofs. Scrubbing moss areas with hard, bristle brushes using a zinc & copper mixture can help to remove and also prevent additional moss from growing.

It is recommended by the New Jersey roofing company to use a sealant that helps protect Cedar Shaker roofs. You should always hire New Jersey cedar cleaning professionals as this type of cleaning is very labor intensive and a great deal of expertise is needed. Cedar Shake is a great choice for a roofing material. You’ll need to keep it maintained by cleaning it regularly as this will help preserve the life of it.

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