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When, How, & Why To Clean Your Home’s Cedar Surfaces

cedar cleaningIn today’s home improvement market, more and more home improvement service providers are starting to offer cleaning services aimed at homeowners who have chosen to invest in cedar for their home’s exterior surfaces. However, when compared to other organic roofing and siding materials, cedar is a comparatively soft wood, and it is recommended that you use the utmost care when you decide to have it maintained or cleaned. When it comes to cedar surfaces, you can’t use the same kind of cleaning solutions that you would use to clean asphalt, tile, slate, or metal. The solution used in cleaning cedar surfaces has to be specifically formulated to ensure that it won’t damage the cedar, but will still ensure that it is cleaned thoroughly. This is a large part of the reason that it is wise to make sure you have a qualified professional on hand to clean the cedar surfaces of your home. A seasoned professional will have the knowledge of which solutions are safe and which could potentially result in damages to your home’s cedar siding or roofing, and can make sure that you get a high quality clean each and every time you call.

What Homeowners Should Know About Their Exterior Cedar Surfaces

Many homeowners choose cedar for their exterior surfaces, but they don’t all necessarily know some of the major benefits that come along with cedar. Unlike other woods, cedar doesn’t decay on its own, however, in warmer, humid climates and heavily shaded areas where moss, mold, and mildew are allowed to grow unchecked, decay can happen. In order to maximize the lifespan of your home’s cedar surfaces, it is important to make sure that when you have them cleaned, the solution must have a water base oil in it to help replenish the natural oils inside cedar that tend to leak out over time. This oil has to be water based, however, because anything other than that can interfere with the wood’s ability to breathe. It is also important to take note that your exterior cedar surfaces cannot be properly cleaned at just any time of the year. For a proper and thorough cleaning, the ambient exterior temperatures have to be consistently above 50 degrees for the wood to properly thaw and release the infestations from their dormant state.

How To Clean Algae, Moss, Mold, & Mildew From Your Cedar Surfaces

In order to clean your home’s cedar surfaces properly, it is going to take a specifically formulated cleaning solution to ensure that your wood is free of mold, moss, algae, mildew, and lichen. Like we stated above, your cedar surfaces have to be able to breath, meaning that adding a sealant to your cedar surfaces is simply out of the question. Because they can’t be sealed, it is especially important to ensure that your wood gets the regular cleaning it needs to maximize its lifespan, and gets it in a way that isn’t going to cause damage at the same time. Because cedar is a softer wood, an untrained professional that decides to carry out your cedar cleaning with bleach, soap, or some other harsh cleaning material will often wind up doing much more harm than good, leaving you to pick up the bill to replace your damaged exterior surfaces. In order to properly clean your home’s cedar surfaces, there has to be a proper mix of fungicide, algaecide, or mildacide in the solution to kill off the harmful elements without doing damage to the wood itself. Without the experience that comes along with hiring a true professional for this service, it is very easy to get this balance wrong and wind up causing damage to these surfaces as opposed to helping protect them.

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