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Toms River Roof CleaningLike many homeowners in Toms River, you probably see your house as your largest material investment. Maybe you searched for the right school district, the right neighborhood, asked how old the roof was, had a home inspection – essentially did it all, even “dotted your I's and crossed your T's” all the way to the settlement. So it makes sense to take care of your investment, and you probably do. From yard maintenance to little fixes and improvements here and there, a home is something to be proud of and take care of.

Unfortunately, the roof is usually left out of this equation until something goes wrong with it – like a roof leak or having a tree fall on it. Toms River roofs need just as much maintenance as the rest of the house, though. One easy and effective thing you can do to protect your roof and extend its life is to have it regularly cleaned by a professional Toms River roof cleaning company.

Professional Toms River roof cleaners are able to provide the best results when it comes to keeping your roof clean and free of damaging organisms such as mold that can weaken the structural integrity of the roofing material. Not to mention, professionals experienced in power washing in Toms River, NJ like Under Pressure H2O can get your Toms River roof cleaning project done much quicker, with better results.

Why are their black streaks on my Toms River roof?

Like many homeowners in Toms River, you’ve probably wondered what those black streaks on so many of the roofs in this area are exactly. Well, let’s take some time now to explore this unsightly mess and how it can be removed from your home, restoring your curb appeal.

A roofing shingle is typically made up of organic petroleum material and lime. Whether you have asphalt shingles or newer fiberglass shingles, organic material is used in the construction of this type of roofing material. These are a perfect haven for mold and other organisms like algae to thrive. The latter is what causes the black streaks on roofs in Toms River. Once this algae invades a neighborhood, it can quickly jump from roof to roof causing those ugly black streaks. Those streaks can overrun a roof so completely that light gray shingles can appear uniformly black. Mold spores can also start rooting themselves and soon, you will find that your Toms River roof is literally a Petri dish of organisms that are all feeding on the roofing shingles.

Under Pressure H2O, Your Toms River Roof Cleaning Company, to the Rescue!

Enter your local Toms River roof cleaning company to the rescue, here to effectively save your roof with soft washing and specialized cleaners and fungicides that protect the roofing shingles from further infestations.

At Under Pressure H2O we understand that the mess that’s growing on your roof means we have to do more than clean your roof – we have to treat it. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself with black streaks again in no time. That’s why our Toms River roof cleaning experts combine just the right amount and combination of cleaners and treatments with our soft washing system to thoroughly clean and protect your Toms River roof.

Why You Should Choose Under Pressure H2O for Toms River Roof Cleaning

The most important thing Toms River homeowners need to know is that very, very little to zero pressure should be used when cleaning roofing shingles. The granules protecting that shingle will be blown off using even as low as 500 PSI of pressure. That’s why Under Pressure H2O uses soft washing for our roof cleaning services. Unlike other so-called Toms River roof cleaning contractors, we do NOT use pressure washers to clean roofing shingles. That can take years from the life of your roof!

At Under Pressure H2O we offer more than Toms River roof cleaning services using the soft wash method. We have decades of experience in the Toms River power washing business, and our expertise shows in the quality of our work. We are also insured professionals with workers comp and a warranty for every Toms River roof cleaning project. So you can rest assured that you are protected when you hire our Toms River roof cleaners and power washing specialists.

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