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Years of humidity, rain, season changes, lack of maintenance, and rare occurrences such as Hurricane Sandy all can leave your home – particularly your Sea Girt roof – looking shabby. Your Sea Girt roof may even be sporting green or black streaks and spots of algae, mold and other fungi.

So it looks shabby. What does it matter?

Well, it matters a lot. Not just to the overall look of your property, but the integrity of your home’s structure. These “dirty spots” are actually growing on your roof and eating away at the shingles, leaving your Sea Girt home vulnerable and your roofing in shambles. You may find yourself facing a complete roof replacement, roof leaks, structural degradation, or, in the very least, the need for a good Sea Girt roof cleaning service.

Algae and mold can have an especially detrimental effect on your Sea Girt roof. Unlike algae, though, fungus does not rely on photosynthesis to produce its own food. As a result, it feasts on the organic material that is found in the roofing material.

“Wait, organic material in my roofing material? My roof isn’t made of organic material!”

Actually, it probably is. If you are like most Sea Girt homeowners, your home’s roof is probably composed of asphalt shingles. Organic material, like the tar, is used as part of the construction of asphalt shingles. Perfect for growing fungi of all sorts. And, as these trouble makers eat away at your roofing shingles and the granules break down, your Sea Girt roof even becomes more susceptible to damage by inclement weather and UV rays.

Well, know you know there’s fungus and probably algae growing on your Sea Girt roof, eating away at it and bringing down your property’s value. Now what?

Did we mention it also just looks awful? Black and green streaks on a roof in Sea Girt can really bring down curb appeal and actually lower the value of your property. Whether you are trying to sell your home or just want it to look nice, those black streaks aren’t doing you any good. What you need is to invest in some quality services from a professional Sea Girt roof cleaning company.

Sea Girt Roof Cleaning

Removing algae and fungi from your roof is important, and Sea Girt roof cleaning is a process by which these organisms are removed effectively. Sea Girt roof cleaning can restore the appearance of your roof while also extending the life of your roofing materials.

There are many effective soft washing methods used now by Sea Girt  roof cleaning companies like the experts at Under Pressure H2O in Sea Girt, NJ. This type of Sea Girt power washing uses a gentle roof cleaning tactic that removes unattractive fungi and algae effectively without causing damage to the roofing materials or the rest of your property.

And trust us – paying for professional Sea Girt roof cleaning services is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost of a new roof replacement.

While in some cases you may not be able to avoid some type of roof repair or replacement because the damage is too advanced, many roofs after only about 10 years start to show signs of damage from algae, fungi, and bacteria. These relatively young roofs make prime candidates for Sea Girt roof cleaning.

What’s Involved in Roof Cleaning in Sea Girt, NJ

Sea Girt roof cleaning involves the use of cleaning chemicals, which in today's environmentally focused society is a common cause of concern. Fortunately, there are options that limit the impact on the environment, such as the solution used by the Sea Girt roof cleaners at Under Pressure H2O.

Today, roof cleaning in Sea Girt, NJ is a broad industry, and many roof cleaners offer other services such as power washing for cleaning exterior surfaces of all types. Professional Sea Girt power washing services can remove dirt and grime from your home’s walls, fences, sidewalks, driveway, deck and much more. What’s even better is that Under Pressure H2O offers all these services and more using a soft washing method that is gentle yet effective – that means no damages, just a good, thorough cleaning for every exterior surface of your home in Sea Girt!

If you are considering investing in Sea Girt roof cleaning services, contact the experts with decades of experience you can trust to get the job done right at an affordable rate: call Under Pressure H2O today for an exceptional Sea Girt roof cleaning experience!

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