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Welcome to Under Pressure H2O: the Point Pleasant Roof Cleaning Company That Uses Soft Washing

Point Pleasant Roof CleaningAt Under Pressure H2O our Point Pleasant roof cleaners use what is known as “soft washing” for our roof cleaning services. Point Pleasant soft washing is a cleaning process that utilizes very low pressure power washing and a special, custom combination of chemical solutions to provide optimum exterior cleaning results for virtually every surface. Because it uses such a low pressure of power washing in Point Pleasant, NJ, soft washing from Under Pressure H2O is perfect for roof cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, house washing, boat cleaning, and a variety of other surface cleaning applications. From composite decks to real wood decks, our soft washing tactics offer the deepest clean without causing damage to your surfaces or the surrounding property!

Using specially blended cleaning solutions to meet the demands of each specific project, our Point Pleasant roof cleaners and exterior power washing experts utilize soft washing to provide our customers a custom cleaning solution that exceeds their expectations. We helped many homeowners after Hurricane Sandy restore the cleanliness of their property that transformed their homes to look better than ever! And we do this at a fair and affordable price, whether you call us to schedule Point Pleasant roof cleaning or power washing in Point Pleasant, NJ for a variety of surfaces over a large-scale commercial property. We even clean shopping carts!

If you need an exterior surface cleaned, call the soft washing experts at the Point Pleasant power washing company you can trust to get the job done to the highest degree of quality and ethical standards: call Under Pressure H2O today!

Why Soft Washing is the Best for Point Pleasant Roof Cleaning

Because little to no pressure is used during soft washing, this makes it the optimum method for Point Pleasant roof cleaning. Soft washing differs from pressure washing in many ways, such as:

  • The cleaning solution is applied and rinsed at extremely low pressure which will not harm or damage painted surfaces, vinyl siding, wood, nor contribute to granular loss of composite roof shingles
  • Soft Washing is safe for cleaning asphalt shingles and other roofing materials
  • Soft washing is 100% safe – for you, the environment, your roof and your property
  • You get a customized cleaning plan that combined just the right amount of pressure and cleaners for optimum results. With high pressure washing, contractors tend to just blast away at things quickly, causing more damage than cleaning.

If you hire a contractor for roof cleaning in Point Pleasant, DO NOT let them use high pressure washing to clean your roof! Unlike soft washing, which uses pressure about as strong as a garden hose (and by that we mean not very strong - at all), high pressure cleaning uses way too much pressure to clean roofs, especially those made of asphalt shingles. High pressure washing can actually loosen the granules of roofing shingles, degrading the strength of the roof and leaving your home susceptible to further damages and infestations. At the very least, you’ll be lucky if you only have to invest in minimal roof repairs such as the replacements of a few shingles; but more likely, you’ll end up needing a completely new roof much sooner than you should have because the high pressure cleaning method has ruined your Point Pleasant roof.

So remember, always hire a Point Pleasant roof cleaner that uses soft washing to clean roofs. This is the best solution for any Point Pleasant roof cleaning need. You don’t need a lot of pressure to get a roof clean, just the right combination of cleaners and the know-how to get the job done.

At Under Pressure H2O, we are the Point Pleasant roof cleaning company you can rely on to get the job done to perfection. We have over 20 years of experience in the power washing industry, and we specialize in using the soft wash method for cleaning exterior surfaces such as roofs made of asphalt shingles. Do yourself and your roof the favor of hiring our expert Point Pleasant roof cleaners anytime you need roof cleaning in Point Pleasant, NJ.

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