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Your Experienced Exterior and Roof Washing Professionals in Eastern New Jersey

With over 20 years in customer service, Under Pressure H2O is dedicated to roof and exterior cleaning, exceeding customer expectations, and building lasting relationships with our neighbors in Eastern New Jersey. We offer both power washing and soft washing for residential and commercial clients looking to remove mold and other growth on homes and buildings. Our experienced New Jersey roof cleaning and exterior surface cleaning experts know how to use the right combination of water, environmentally safe solutions, and pressure to effectively clean away years of mold, mildew, and algae.

Reliable Exterior and Roof Washing Experts Serving Spring Lake, The Jersey Shore Area and Beyond

What's "Soft Washing?"

New Jersey Soft Washing

While pressure washing is great for durable surfaces, it can damage more delicate materials such as painted surfaces, roofing, siding, or wood. Soft washing uses ultra low pressure and a customized cleaning solution. Each cleaning solution is created with your specific surface in mind, for an exceedingly effective and low-cost washing.

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Exterior Services

Power Washing New Jersey

We can clean any exterior surface for clients throughout New Jersey. Our exterior cleaning crew have experience washing roofs, stucco, cedar, pavement, decks, fencing, pool areas, windows, gutters, and more. Contact us today to see just how affordable it is to give your home or commercial property the cleaning it needs to shine again.

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Rust Removal

Rust stains are difficult to remove without the proper tools. Our exterior cleaners are familiar with rust stain removal and can quickly remove unsightly rust from your property or carts.

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Window Cleaning

Our soft wash method is perfect for cleaning windows and screens. We can give your windows a proper cleaning much more effectively than traditional household cleaning methods.

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Roof Cleaning

Dark stains on your roof may not just be dirt and grime; it may be living algae. Our Soft Wash system thoroughly removes the organisms and stains without compromising your roof.

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